Society 5.0

The Growth Strategy 2017 announced by Japan in G20 summit in Hamburg states as a goal the incorporation of innovative fourth industrial revolution technologies, such as robots and AI into every industry as well as social life heading towards Society 5.0.
This future society is imagined as a successor of Society 4.0 that resolves many societal problems through the advances of next-generation artificial intelligence technology.

In contrast with present digital technologies, the next step of innovation will serve to much closer integration of cyber-physical systems.
The current flow of the interaction between the cyber and the physical realms is rather slow, human-aided and not scalable to the amount of data generated.
It follows the process of gathering, accumulating and analyzing data, then conducting changes in the physical world according to the data insights.
Next generation of digital technologies instead will make full use of the Internet of Things analyzing multimodal signals with AI-powered algorithms and simultaneously altering the behavior of physical systems.

Next generation digital technology

Next generation digital technology is expected to improve the quality of life of all people through the increase in productivity, advances in personalized medicine, cybernics, and mobility.

Simultaneously, emergence of smart cities, smart factories and smart farms, fine-tuned for efficiency with AI technology, will decrease environmental impact and enable sustainable development.