There are many real-life situations where organizations or individuals need to collaborate with data without sharing it.
To name a few: security systems, marketing, insurance, traffic control, personal AI etc.
For the purposes of this research project, we are targeting the applications of this technology in the medical sector.

Hospitals generate enourmous amounts of data on their patients, but due to sensitivity of this data, much of it does not leave the hospital walls and cannot be useful.
With AI-assisted data collaboration technology hospitals and other health providers could share the intermediate representation of patients medical data, shich can be easily exported without the risk of revealing individuals’ identity or traits
Such representation would nevertheless preserve the variation of the original data and can be used for a large scale data analysis.
For instance, research institutions could use this data to conduct Genome-Wide Association Studies or to for developing machine learning models for diagnostics or predicions of treatment outcomes.
Such technology could also be used by pharmaceuptical companies for testing and developing new drugs.